New chapter : The Imaginary Structure of the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Science fiction is increasingly involved in innovation processes in technological sectors. The imaginary, through design fiction, stimulates the creativity of decision makers and engineers who work to create a better world through technoscience. Science fiction participates in global innovation by constructing sectoral myths and by proposing a new form of rationality integrating the technical imaginary. Imaginnovation is a neologism, a synthesis of the terms imagination and innovation. This practice, already developed in several companies and organizations, will guide the decision-making process during the next industrial revolution. Science fiction appeared more than 200 years ago, when technical progress profoundly changed society. It later became an integral dimension of collective psychology. Its critical dimension must also be considered as a structuring element of the contemporary technical imagination. Innovation realizes imagination and science fiction allows the productive system to access the unconscious fantasies of individuals and social groups.

Title of the book:

Imagination, Creativity, and Responsible Management in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, IGI Global, 2019

Ziska Fields (University of Johannesburg, South Africa), Julien Bucher (Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany) and Anja Weller (Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany)

Presentation of the book:

As we move through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, people are becoming more concerned about the potential benefits and risks of digital technology and its impact. People are worried about the extent, the implementation, and the effect digital transformation will have on their privacy, jobs, and welfare. Business managers will be expected to navigate organizations and employees through this unknown territory of digital transformation and disruption.

Imagination, Creativity, and Responsible Management in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is an essential reference source that uses a multidisciplinary approach to examine the concepts of imagination and creativity, as well as responsible management practices, and their application to the development and use of innovative technologies. This book intends to help readers understand the importance of continuously developing their cognitive skills and to remain responsible and accountable in the new digital era— the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Featuring research on topics that include modes of interaction in the digitalized era, cognitive skills needed and creative tools to shape the future of work, and knowledge sharing, this book is ideally designed for managers, leaders, decision makers, directors, executives, engineers, entrepreneurs, IT specialists, academics, researchers, students, consultants, and industry professionals.

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